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by Million Suns

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(free) 03:47


released May 18, 2014

Marisa Kang & Thomas Forbes
Copyright 2014



all rights reserved


Million Suns Boston, Massachusetts

Thomas Forbes:
beat creator / vocals
Marisa Kang:

boston, ma

Teeba Beats

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Track Name: Lessons of Essence
CH: Mama's burning up, can you feel the cry,
Everyday I hear it's getting real louder.
Mama's churnin' up, if we live or die,
Ooooh gotta bring her higher.
Through creation, lies our retaliation,
It may seem wrong, but I can see the dawn,
Through the storm.

V1: And how could it be wrong if we both love the sound of the song,
Enough to make us all wanna sing along,
Stand tall as the bringer of the dawn sounds sweet in the sunrise,
and let her eyes keep the calm.
She chants psalms from the inner soul, revealing that inner glow that makes time move slow,
A rhyme to behold, sunshine that we all know,
Take a look at the flow to watch it grow.
Just knowing that she's doing it for the love,
Makes me think I'm in heaven already up above the clouds,
Proud to play for the crowds who stay loud, even amongst the ugly shroud of the bullshit in life, you know what it's like, and without the hype the fruit just won't get ripe,
Shine bright like a beautiful sight, it will make you believe,
Mama's gonna make it right.

V2: Create amongst the storm, through the cold and the warm,
From the worst conditions the best music is born,
Like a burst of energy or a breath of the freshest,
man you can't deny that's the best shit.
Proving reckless with the moving message,
Soothing your mind with the LESSONS OF ESSENCE,
I grace fools with my precious bass grooves,
To give you a taste that you can't refuse.
Face it, you'll have no choice but to dance,
Gettin' everybody shakin' even if they say they can't,
Overtaken by the voice, got me wishing on a star like some old Rose Royce,
Make you swerve like Joyce, rest for awhile while my smile covers all area like the tiles,
Dial my number and take flight, 'cause you should know by now,
Mama's here to make it right.
Track Name: Old Ways
CH: I'm just holding on,
To these OLD WAYS, these old ways,
Every season turns to change,
Oooh Will I ever rearrange?

V: See what I've been thinking, recently,
Has got my mind moving round in a circle,
You can't tell me, that I don't deserve your decency,
What it means to me, oowee.
And here we are, another picture perfect struggle,
Not near nor far, it's all the same in this game,
So clear the stars, 'cause otherwise your trouble will double,
Don't fear what's ours, you and I know that it will remain.
Track Name: Press Play
CH: Oooh Here you can breathe,
Fresh sighs of relief, see.
Plug up your headphones and just press PRESS PLAY,
Let the music sync up right into your brain.

V1: How many times have you let it sink deep into your mind,
Melody to unwind, remedy to feed the sunshine,
Sometimes, you just need a little company,
Within the barriers of your own reality.
Understanding is the first step to making the jam,
Creating the fam, baking the plan, shaking up the mighty land,
And the grounds with the sounds so sweet,
Straight from the heart,
Pound like the beat.

V2: Hey, It's been a while since I heard styles that rep whats real,
Emcees slave for appeal when they forget to feel,
But trust us on the mic as we cruise to this beat,
A sight for sore ears cause it sounds so sweet.
'Cause when it comes to rhymes hey we truly deliver,
Tracks be fresh and hot so try and get yourself a sliver of this clever endeavor, infinite like forever, music armageddon times but our existence makes it better.
Million Suns on the mic in this reality,
Mar and T be flowin' free like vitamin d.
Other sounds the same so we reach new planes,
Rhymes with intention 'cause it aint no game.
Say, When did hip hop change from medicine to deranged ways of bringin' strange patterns of acting and call it the same?
The norm? Hey stir up the storm,
'Cause when this shit passes there must be a calm.

V3: PRESS PLAY on the track, no time to react
Choppin' up some old Roberta Flack to make an artifact.
And you can feel it in your soul, like it's made of gold,
I was told love will keep you warm when your days are cold.
Classics everlasting, blasting like the snare and kick,
I'll share my spliff if you care to flick the ash quick.
Smash hits come drastic, shock you with the static
Rockin' true with the style of boombastic (boom bap boom bap)
Track Name: Tonight
Boom bap, we bring it back.
To the time that you love, we bring it back,
To every time that you love, we bring it back.

V1: Check it out, You got my love in your hands, got love in demand,
We're rolling deep thick like the blood of the fam,
You can jam with us, or stand alone can't be handing trust out 'cause we're prone to combust and shout.
Living it out, like the dream team making cream,
Got more theory than the Gene bean, deem it unreliable,
Undeniable it seems like the final laser beam now you know what I mean.
You can fiend this music, while I sit back and scheme to prove it,
With flows so smooth, you just have to relax, and groove to it.
I blew right through the red light, thinking that the best was in sight,
'Cause life's too short to fight, so come have fun with me TONIGHT.


V2: So in time we rhyme to let the torch-light shine,
Let your mind take flight on the porch divine,
Thoughts blast into your brain to maintain the essence,
Loving living the life and learning all the lessons,
Lasting impressions that go a long way,
Unless you got something better to say.
Caught up inside of the mockery, walking freely talking to be stalking the seed and to plead guilty.
May be guilty as charged, staring preparing for the fall of the stars,
Living no holds barred, even if that means living in a car,
Music as hot as fresh tar, hittin' the streets and playing at the bars,
Teeba lovin' cheeba and my girl Mar,
Pour soul into music wherever we are.
Track Name: KickBack
CH: I know, yes I know
It's all gotta go now, yeah (repeat 4x)

V1: Sit back puff cess to relieve stress,
Do you still believe in the beast, yes
He's chillin' right around the corner waiting for ya,
And now you know so you know I'm not the one to warn ya.
Now he's fandangled and wrangled a revolution,
A beautiful solution to strangle pollution of the mind,
But I'm stuck, the luck's gotta run out, and there's only one more thing to find.
Redesign the flow the measurements need to be refined,
Recombine the growing with the knowing of our own minds,
As long as the rhymes stay on time,
That's fine with me 'cause I'm floating in my own sea.
Coping hoping there could be a better way around it,
Keep stoking the flame, I'm glad that the sound hit,
Profound shit,
Like the reflection of the early morning sunrise deep in your eyes.

V2: KICKBACK in the motherfuckin' sky,
I'll supply you with the high times and good vibe, be alive,
Take a look at your surroundings and realize,
A surprise situation if you really want to sum it up,
The vacation's there waiting, so don't give up,
And you can find a better way out I'm telling you,
And if you need the proof well then I'm selling you a small piece of the truth.
In short or tall times, the rhymes stay divine,
They climb through my spine, central nervous like a vine.
A spike upon the pressure, a hike beyond the best measure,
The rest just seems light as a feather.
I can sense the better weather coming on and,
I commence letter by letter with my song man,
Long jams, provided by the Teeba brand,
Riding the rhythm with the strong cheeba in my hand.
Track Name: Call Me ft. Camden Riley
CH: Ooooh, CALL ME (repeat 4x)

V1: Oh I thought that you would today,
But now I know not to get caught up.
Looking past what people say,
I know you know when it's real and right.
So come around and vibe, on this natural high,
It's got me feeling so alive.
You touch the sky, with your sunshine,
Some minds just come divine.

V2: Pick up the phone dial the digits to pay a visit,
Melodies to reminisce, memories to live with.
Time that we spend together never leaves my brain,
Relationships we have seem to fall like the rain.
But I believe there is a mutual gain to be had,
I'm glad at the fact that we don't have to be mad.
Set it aside, ride out the storm and provide the pride to keep warm while we hide from the norm.
This is a warning when you're pouring out your soul,
Make sure you know what you're searching for before you dig the hole.
Final goal is that ultimate high, share life with the people who make you feel alive.
Vibe with the tribe that you'll eventually find,
Design a mental connection that's perfectly aligned.
With your's and mine, pure and refined
I'm sure that in time we'll be doing just fine,
but I still wanna hear from you.
Track Name: Too Late
CH: I'm TOO LATE to tell you now,
How I really feel,
Oh but don't they say, that it's never TOO LATE.

V1: I'm just a bit TOO LATE to find divine fate,
A rhyming state of mind, I take the time to relate, celebrate and unwind,
Eradicate the hate and relax in the sunshine.
I feel great I feel fine no debate, insulate my life with the dimes and the dollar signs,
Born to create, sworn to make you gyrate,
Tongue like a lyrical sword to cut the red tape.
A little luck's got a whole lot to do with it,
Flowing so fluent it's the language of the love movement.
Groove to this if you know how it goes,
Uncontrollable, from your head down to your toes.
You need to let it grow,
Reveal to show the inner beauty if you feel it in your soul let me know,
Lay down low,
it's Slowpoke's duty to make sound, provide profound for the strange folk,

V2: You gotta let that light shine one way or another,
My discovery in time ties relevance of rhyme.
Flows fly through the sky with high hopes and motivation,
Elevate concentration for the brand new creation.
Few stand so tall, willing to take the fall,
I call upon my brain and try to maintain it all.
Doll-face leading me on the grand chase,
To satisfy my soul at a slow pace.
Lows and hi's give enough surprise,
I hope you'll reconsider a compromise with those pretty eyes,
I'm blue, you're green and we're aqua-marine,
Dreaming desire that gleams bright like a sapphire.
They call it soul-fire 'cause the coals never die down,
Ride on the outside so you can see the town in full effect,
Check it out and be sure to give your full respect,
To the architect of sound.